COSTWAY Fluid Bike Trainer Review

COSTWAY Fluid Bike Trainer Review Summary


  • Possibly A Fluid Ride, If So It's Quite Cheap For One
  • It Is A Stable Ride
  • Setup & Storage Is Easy
  • 8 Resistance Levels


  • A lot of confusion over the mechanism 
  • It Is Noisy, No Matter What They Say


A (fluid/mag) turbo trainer, that doesn't cost the earth, pretty easy to set up and store. Though the advertisement is somewhat misleading (more on that below). We would probably stick to something less confusing. 


Trying to find a decent fluid turbo trainer, that doesn't cost the same as a small semi-truck can be difficult. Most that we manage to get our hands on are 200 - 250+, or 300 if you are feeling fancy, so when we stumbled upon the Costway Fluid Trainer, we where a little, sceptical. 

A lot of the images suggested that this was actually a mag ride, but the packaging, sales page and what we got, looked to be a fluid ride. Which does seem to cause a ton of confusion, with some users mentioning they where actually sent mag versions of this product. 

Overall we didn't mind the ride, and this was possibly the cheapest fluid we had found so far, though there may be a reason for that. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 28" / 700c wheels
  • Able to hold up to 100kg (though one of us is 106kg + bike and it seemed to hold firm)

Product Features

  • 8 Speed Gear Handle Bar Attachment
  • Fluid/Mag Roller (seriously guys, we are not sure... and we couldn't get an answer)
  • 5 Level Feed Pads allow for different riding heights and styles
  • Quick release mechanism, allows you to lock in your wheels without needing special pins. 

The Good

At sub £200, we where excited to grab this potentially fluid ride turbo trainer, and it came fairly quickly. It was easy to set up, literally unfolded and snapped the bike into position with no real issues. 

The 8 speed/resistance levels where nice, it let you feel like you had got a few challenges, and running it through a handlebar mounted switch again was a relief, especially after the last one we looked at!

Considering it stated it would hold 100kg, we thought there might be an issue with weight, but actually seemed to hold firm, with no slippage or issues. 

The Bad

We are so confused about if this is a fluid mechanism, and it's just cheap as hell and as such, a bit naff...or if it's actually a mag and they seemed confused. When we got it, we actually didn't think about it, it felt and sounded like a fluid, though it did get really noisy at times, which can sometimes be a sign..

But, we have seem some reviews and complaints stating that they actually got a mag, which may actually be the case. 

Who Is The COSTWAY Bike Trainer For?

  • If you are someone 
  • Cyclists who want to play around with multiple training styles and resistances

The COSTWAY Bike Trainer Conclusion

If this was a mag ride, then it wouldn't be worth the price, we have found ones cheaper, that are quieter, and less confusing. 

If it's a fluid, then it's a cheap one, and that may sway some people as the resistance and overall ride was actually quite good. But, considering the confusion and the issues we noted, we probably wouldn't really recommended it. 

We have seen it go sub £100, so if it does, we would probably say grab it then, and store as a potential fluid rider. 

Costway Fluid Bike Trainer


Ease to set up











  • Possibly A Cheap Fluid Bike
  • Set Up and Storage Is Easy
  • Pretty Stable
  • Multiple Resistance Levels


  • Not 100% Sure If This Is a Fluid Or A Mag Ride
  • It's Noisy

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