Garmic Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer Review

Garmic Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer Review Summary


  • Easy To Set Up
  • Stable
  • Doesn't Break The Bank
  • Quiet For Most Users


  • This Is Not A Cheap Trainer (Though Worth The Money)
  • You Will Have To Buy Separate Cassettes As This Doesn't Come With One


This is not your run of the mill turbo trainer, this is a high ticket, highly responsive and data focused trainer, for those who want to up their cycling training. 


We have to admit, this is not your normal indoor bike trainer, at least not the typical ones that we look at on this site. But, when we started to hear about these turbo trainers, we simply had to sit and review these devices. 

The Garmic Tacx Neo 2T is a top of the line, high quality and high ticket turbo trainer, with nearly 200 positive reviews for the 2T and similar numbers for the Tacx EU & Turno cycle trainer, it was obvious we had to enjoy this for yourselves. 

As you will see as you read through this Garmic Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer Review, this is different from your standard 3 leg, or 2 legged turbo trainer, both mag rides and fluid rides. Both in it's pros & cons. 

The Garmic Tacx Neo is a cassette and chain turbo trainer, essentially replacing your back wheel entirely (instead of mounting your wheel, you mount your frame). Allowing you to 'plug' straight into the turbo trainer mechanism, hidden inside of the plastic and metal mount. 

With fin style stand, this smart bike trainer does not move, or make much of a noise when you are using it. 

As well as offering a smart road features, such as dynamic inertia and descent simulation via the compatible app. This smart turbo trainer can capture in real time your power, leg position with compatible pedal sensors.

Product Details

  • Compatible with most bikes with a 142 - 148 x 12mm axle

Product Features

  • Smart Road Feature
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis via smart app
  • Descent Simulation & dynamic Inertia allows for a smoother ride
  • 2 Fin Design to allow for improved stillness 

The Good

If you are a serious rider, who is into their training modes, or simply enjoys understanding data, this is packed full of it.

With access to the Garmin or Tacx App to offer the road simulation and data feedback. 

The ride on this is smooth, even if you are slightly heavier, or riding a little harder, you will still feel like you are riding on air at times. It's also super quiet, not 100% silent, but damn close. 

If you fancy changing the road feel, for example gravel, you can do so via the smart app, providing you with the ability to change as you see fit. 

The Bad

This is an expensive turbo trainer, compared to others on this site. Nearly 5 - 10x more expensive than others. This is for those who take their indoor training seriously, and need that feedback data. 

You may have to pay extra to access some of the data, or have to use desktop versions to get information such as the pedal feedback and accuracy - Which defeats the object of it being available in our eyes. 

You can't quickly set this up, or pack it away if you fancy going out on your bike. You need to connect to a compatible cassette such as the Shimano to get this set up. If you want to unhook it, you will be required get your tools out and your normal wheel on hand.  

There are some reports and feedback notes that do explain that if issues arrive after 12 months or possibly later then Tacx are reluctant to help, or provide any assistance.

Who Is The Tacx Neo T2 Trainer For?

  • Cyclists who are serious about their training - Possibly training for competitions, or who need to know useful information and data to improve their cycling. 
  • Those who have the cash to flash and want that realistic and data fuelled ride!

Garmic Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer Conclusion

A well made, high ticket turbo trainer that offers you an absolute ton of data and information to help you improve your overall cycling abilities. 

If you are someone who wants to get the kind of feedback you might get on a more expensive piece of gym equipment, then this is a decent trainer to get. 

Though, for those who may only have a single bike and like to go outside and play as well as use this, then you might be annoyed at having to constantly remove the frame. 

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