Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer Review

Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer Review Summary


  • Easy To Set Up
  • Stable
  • 'Smart Trainer' - Syncs nicely with Tacx App, or the zwift app for courses and rides 
  • Quiet For Most Users


  • It's not as 'smart' as Similarly priced trainers
  • syncing the app did come with a few difficulties (it took us a little time to sort it all)


A decent magnetic ride trainer, with smart syncing to allow for variable resistance and power across courses and maps. 


The Taxc (Or Garmin, depending on if you go by the company who bought them out) Boost Trainer is, what some people would call a budget, smart turbo trainer. 

With a 4 / 5 star rating, and in the top 50 turbo trainers that people recommend, it has been on the review radar for a while. 

The Garmin Taxc is a smart turbo trainer, that utilise apps such as Zwift, or Taxcs own fitness app, designed to work in tandem with the trainer to offer you endless possibilities of rides and courses. 

The apps control the power, cadences and of course allows you to run your own courses and films. You can also run virtual races, and time laps if you are someone who wants to really focus on their training (rather than just a casual rider trying to hide on a windy day). 

With up to 10 resistance levels (these need to be pre-set), and a magnetic resistance brake, the Taxc could potentially be a decent 'cheap' magnetic ride trainer. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes with a maximum wheel size of 700 X 32mm
  • 26.6" * 26.6" footprint (smaller than other similar turbo trainers) 

Product Features

  • 10 Resistance Setting mounted on the handle bars
  • Magnetic Brake/Roller & Fly Wheel
  • Included speed sensor - Works with Zwift/Taxc training app 
  • Quick release clamp and locks (You may have to purchase an additional adaptor for some wheels and bikes)

The Good

After being purchased by Garmin, a lot of people claimed this bike would become crap, but we have been pleasantly surprised. The overall ride quality, and ability to sync with the fitness apps does make this turbo trainer a decent purchase.

With 10 'difficulty' settings to start with, and changes based on the map or course you are running, you really can switch and change to suit your liking. 

The mag ride and flywheel feel smooth, as smooth as some of the ££££+ turbos we have tried in the past, so coming in at 1/4 of the price, feels like you are getting a good quality product. 

The Bad

We had to agree with some of the reviews, we did find that setting it up can be annoying, but that's mainly down to sorting the apps out, syncing everything and getting it all sorted. 

You could pick up the Velo Pro for 1/2 the price, though the Velo is noisier. 

Who Is The Garmin Taxc Boost Turbo Trainer For?

  • Everyday cyclists who want the ability to plug and play with courses, rather than just jumping on a bike and going
  • Those who may want a slightly quieter, smoother ride than cheaper mag ride alternatives, but don't want to spend a fortune. 

Taxc Boost Trainer Conclusion

A well made mag ride turbo trainer, from a reputable company who have been in the cycling game for years now. 

If you are after a smart turbo trainer, that can provide you with some bang for your buck, then this could be the one for you. 

Garmin Tacx Boost Trainer


Ease to set up











  • 10 Resistance Levels
  • Fairly Stable
  • Smart Trainer Enabled


  • Not As Smart As Others On The Market
  • Syncing The App Was Annoying

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