Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer Review

Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Summary


  • Runs On A Mag Ride, Smoother Than Bearings
  • Wider Stance Than Other Trainers
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • It's Cheap


  • Doesn't Come With Progressive Resistance
  • No Monitoring Or Additional Accessories


For the price, considering this is under $200, it's a very good mag ride bike. Not something we have come across around this price point before. 


The Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer is an trainer that offers a wider structure compared to some of the other ones that are out there, which ultimately contributes to the overall stability offered.

Stability is an important factor for cyclists, along with durability – and at this price, the cyclist does get what they need to set up a training session at home. 

For those who enjoy variety in terms of training, the Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer comes with eight resistance settings that can be used by the cyclist to have more control over the difficulty of the session.

This is another area where the wider design also comes into play, as most trainer structures are only able to accommodate up to six levels of resistance. 

The Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer comes in two colour varieties. While this may not be a significant advantage over alternatives, some people might consider a specific colour option preferred – colours include black and red. 

The rubber feet attached to the stand can be adjusted, with five different settings available. The Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer can also fold up, which really helps to make storage easier and more convenient. 

Product Details

Product Features

  • 8 resistance levels that can be manually set to the cyclist’s requirements
  • Maximum noise level of 65 decibels means the product is not as noisy as some of the competitor options
  • A wider construction that provides a more stable performance while cycling on the trainer
  • Maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • Comes with a two-year warranty

The Good

Pricing of the Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer is one of the most crucial benefits to be noted, as the product is available for under $200.

Even though on the cheaper side when compared to other trainers that are currently available, this particular option is still able to meet the needs of many cyclists. 

The trainer comes with a wide design that features more customization options when setting the resistance experience during a training session.

Instead of only featuring five to six resistance levels, the cyclist has the ability to choose between eight levels with this trainer. 

The weight capacity of the Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer is another added benefit.

The cyclist can weigh up to 330 lbs and use this product safely without concerns, while many alternative options have a much lower maximum weight capacity.

Rubber feet that are adjustable further helps to improve the stability of the trainer when assembled on the ground. 

A magnetic wheel system is used in the trainer to help provide a realistic and smoother experience, while also minimizing the amount of noise that the product generates while training. 

Another rare, but the exceptionally valuable feature is the two-year warranty period that comes with the purchase of this trainer.

The warranty provides the customer with free replacement of parts in certain conditions for a two-year period following the date of purchase. 

The Bad

The Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer might come with features that are suitable for many cyclists, but those who are at an advanced level might feel that this product lacks some of the more complex elements offered by competitor options. 

The eight levels of resistance are definitely beneficial, but the product does not come with a progressive resistance that adjusts according to the cyclist’s speed.

A lack of any equipment or accessories that could assist with monitoring the cyclist’s performance is another drawback that we need to note here. 

Who Is The Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer 


  • A cyclist who wants to start training indoors on a low budget
  • Those who need a trainer that has multiple levels of resistance that can be manually adjusted
  • Cyclists who want a trainer that does not make a lot of noise

Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer Conclusion

The Healthline Magnetic Turbo Trainer seems to be a suitable option for both beginners and intermediate cyclists. The product is stable and comes with rubber feet that can be adjusted to reduce the risk of slipping. The magnetic wheel system that is used in the trainer helps to reduce noise that is produced while in use.

The trainer also has a relatively high weight capacity and allows the cyclist to select between eight resistance levels, which helps to provide a simulated experience that can be customized. 

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