Jetblack Z2 Fluid Turbo Trainer Review

Jetblack Z2 Fluid Turbo Trainer Review Summary;


  • Unique Setup & Design
  • Easy To Store And Fold Up
  • Quiet For Most Users
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Comes With It's own coaching app 


  • More expensive than some of the others on offer
  • Requires A Turbo Trainer Tyre
  • Doesn't Have A Quick Release
  • It was a little louder than others we have tried and rated in the past


A slightly more expensive Turbo Trainer, that is smoother than mag rides, so more realistic. But does requires special tyres to get this set up and running. 


The JetBlack Z2 is a fluid resistant turbo trainer, designed to be more realistic and road like, compared to the Z1 or other mag ride style trainers. 

It was mentioned to us that this is marketed as an easy to set up, low profile trainer, great for small spaces, or areas that require this to be put away and stored due to it's slim line, easy foldable design. 

As with most turbo trainers these days, an A-Frame design, with the resistance set-up, but a screw style axel, with no quick release, does mean that this trainer will require you to get a special turbo trainer tyre, for example the Vittoria Zafforio Pro Home Tyre. Which can put an additional cost towards the set-up of this bike. 

As with the other trainers within the JetBlack cycling family, this does come with a 'Free Lite Training App' to allow you to keep track and even get coaching. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 29" - Does require special tyres

Product Features

  • Easy set up and fold away design
  • Fluid Trainer - Up to 900 Watts of Resistance
  • Wide base, with anti-slip feet does make this a very stable design
  • Low profile - Up to 40% slimmer than other bikes, and lighter

The Good

The overall look and feel of this turbo trainer is nice, we can't complain about that. It feels like, but sturdy, and there was no rocking or real movement. 

After finally getting the bike set up with the right tyre and sorting the connection out, the ride felt smooth, and we do agree, it is 'lifelike' and is smoother than magnetic ride trainers. 

The Bad

We did actually find this quite loud at times, though we have found that turbo trainer tyres can increase the noise of some of these trainers at times. 

The fact that they decided to not include the quick release, and force you to use the tyre is annoying, we like to dismount the bikes and use them out and about, so having to swap them over on rainy or snowy days is time consuming, compared to other trainers where we can mount and snap into place within a few seconds. 

Who Is The JetBlack Z2 Turbo Trainer For?

  • For those who want a more realistic, and variable resistance ride
  • Those who don't need or want to swap out their bikes, and are happy to keep 2 separate bikes, or don't mind swapping them out and taking time. 

JetBlack Z2 Turbo Trainer Conclusion

A well made and stable turbo trainer, the JetBlack Z2 is a decent product to own, but it is annoying to have to swap tyres out and set things up everytime. 

Considering the Z1 has a quick release and seems a lot more user friendly, it does seem odd that they took this decision on what we would see as the second generation of the Z's. 

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