JLL IC300 Pro Review

JLL IC300 Pro Review Summary


  • Easy To Set Up
  • Quick to get started with 
  •  A decent ride, considering it's a spin bike - Though it's smooth enough to be enjoyable. 
  • The fly wheel does make this pretty quiet, and the rubber 'chain' removes any clunking or metallic parts from making much noise. 


  • It's a spin bike, they are hardly realistic
  • The monitor is basically a gameboy (And not even the colour version)


A decent little at home spin bike, perfect if you enjoy this style of riding, and want to be able to do this at home, rather than at expensive gyms with crazy instructors. 


The second fixed wheel, indoor cycling trainer that we have reviewed on this site, after reviewing the NordicTrack a little while back. 

Today brings us the JLL IC300 Pro, a fixed front wheel stationary bike. Designed for those who want to bring the thrill of the spin class back home with them, without paying for the instructor to shout at you. 

Super easy to set up, with just some adjustments required to the pedals and the seat to ensure it would fit our height.

The IC300 Pro uses a magnet and flywheel to deal with changes in resistance and difference in difficulty. As with most spin bikes, the close you push the magnet, the higher the resistance levels. 

Product Details

  • ‎51D x 131W x 112H 
  • Can handle up to 130kg in weight (great for us bigger guys!)
  • 20kg Fly Wheel (Sturdier than similar products) 

Product Features

  • Magnetic controlled fly wheel - Using a screw mechanism to push the mag closer to the flywheel for increase resistance 
  • 6 Point display - Showing you; Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, RPM and Odometer.
  • Fairly easy to switch out pedals (we changed to allow us to run cleats)
  • Height adjustable (both seat and monitor/arm mounts)

The Good

It feels well made, we didn't have any issues with movement, knocking or squeaks (We did see a lot of people had issues with squeaking). Lucky for us, no issues with that. Though running this for 6 - 12 months, we assume you might start to hear some. 

The Flywheel, and the mag resistance was smooth enough, though it's annoying have to use a screw mechanism to change the resistance. It would be nicer if you could do this via pre-set positions (display, or buttons).

The size of the bike is fairly small, considering you don't have a full size bike attached, like a turbo trainer. You can put it away, or throw it in the corner without a lot of hassle. 

This isn't the most expensive fly wheel/spin bike we have seen. You definitely can spend a lot more, in the ££££'s, as with most fitness equipment. So if you want a well rounded, reasonably priced trainer, you can't go wrong with this. 

The Bad

Personally, we didn't have much negative to say about it. We did see issues with squeaking and problems regarding certain items coming lose, though we didn't experience it.

The monitor, is crap. With such a limited amount of information, in black and green, it does feel like you have stepped back a few decades. 

It would be nice to have a decent colour monitor with more information, or different ways to display or view the information you are being given. It does, as others pointed out, never stay in one position. It likes to constantly change the information on show. Who knows why.  

Who Is The JLL IC300 Pro For?

  • Those who love spin cycling, but don't want to pay £100 a month to have some random crazy person shout at you telling you to go faster, slower or start the hill climb for the 9th time. 
  • Cyclist who want a different cycling style, this doesn't feel like you are out on the road, it's quite synthetic in its look and feel, but that is semi by design. 

JLL IC300 Pro Conclusion

A decent at home spin bike, designed to provide people with an easy to set-up and use exercise bike. If you enjoy spin or that kind of cycling, then you can't go wrong with this bike. Though there are more expensive (and cheaper) options out there. 

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