Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer Review

Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer Review Summary


  • Light weight & sturdy
  • dual fly wheel system for a smooth Realistic ride


  • a more expensive product than most turbo trainers
  • some users have noted the resistance levels quoted are not accurate


A lightweight flywheel turbo trainer, designed for those who want a more realistic, road like feel. 


The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer offers some of the more advanced features that cyclists are often looking for, but also comes at a higher price tag. 

This trainer is manufactured by the Kurt Kinetic brand. The brand is sometimes also called Kinetic by Kurt. The company has been providing quality products for cyclists since 1947. Since its foundation, the brand has been recognized internationally by both beginner and advanced cyclists. 

The more experienced cyclist will immediately feel the difference offered by the Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer, due to the dual-fan system that is used, alongside the flywheels. The result is a cycling experience that feels more realistic, while also ensuring coasting is smoother than with a lot of the competitor trainers that are available on the market today. 

The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer has a much greater compatibility range than the majority of other trainers that a cyclist can choose today. Bikes with a diameter between 16-inch and 29-inch will feature perfect compatibility with this trainer system. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 16 - 29" 

Product Features

  • Dual flywheel system for a more realistic experience while training
  • The resistance between one watt and 1000 watts
  • Weighs 12 pounds, making this a lighter option compared to some competitors

The Good

The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer features some of the more advanced settings that cyclists may need on this type of equipment when they are serious about improving their performance on the track. 

The trainer is one of the lighter options on the market. At only 12 pounds, traveling with the Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer is not a problem at all, making it easy for a cyclist to continue their training when they are not home. 

The speed-sensitive resistance system helps to provide a more accurate experience, while also allowing the cyclist to choose the level at which they would like to train. The resistance setting ranges from one watt up to 1000 watts, which is quite a significant range and should be suitable for even the more advanced cyclist. 

Another great feature offered by the Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer is the compatibility. We have seen a significant number of trainers featuring very limited compatibility with bikes. This one, however, is compatible with bikes that have a diameter of 16 inches all the way up to 29 inches. Compared to other trainers that are on the market today, this is quite an impressive feature. 

The Bad

While there is a lot of good features to consider, the price of the Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer is definitely not one of the positives. Compared to other trainers that are currently on the market, this one is on the pricier side, which may not be suitable for every cyclist. 

The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer also does not seem to be the most ideal option for beginners but is rather more suited toward those who are already experienced in cycling. 

Another negative fact about the Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer that we noted is the fact that the flywheel system, equipped with two fans, tend to be a little noisy. While noise produced by a trainer may not be a problem for every cyclist, it can become a disturbance, considering the fact that the trainer is used indoors. 

This is also not the easiest trainer out there to set up. For those who have not assembled a trainer in the past, the process may take quite a while. 

Who Is The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer For?

  • Experienced riders with a higher budget
  • Cyclists who need a more advanced setup

Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer Conclusion

The Kinetic Cyclone Wind Trainer is quite expensive when we compare it to other options that a cyclist can choose from, but, at the same time, it comes with some features that alternative trainers often tend to lack. The unit has a very lightweight of just 12 pounds.

This is significantly lighter compared to many of the other trainers out there, making it a more mobile solution for the cyclist who might need to continue training while travelling.

The trainer also has a flexible resistance range that the cyclist can choose from and uses two fans with its flywheel system to help create a smooth, realistic cycling experience while training.

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