Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Review

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine


Ease To Set Up











  • Quiet
  • Realistic Road Feel
  • Stable


  • Can Be Difficult To Set Up

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Trainer is the ultimate solution for working out at home. If you’re one of those who do not like to go outdoor for training and also want to save money on gym expenses, the Kurt Kinetic Indoor Trainer is your easy way out.

Economically priced, it is coupled with convenience and ease and it also ensures that your body gets the perfect mechanism for keeping it fit and healthy.

Product Details

  • The trainer has dimensions: 23 x 21.5 x 9 inches
  • It weighs 31 pounds

Product Features

  • It has a flywheel that weighs only 6.25lbs which serves as a realistic coast down. This feature gives you an original feel while working out, putting the pressure on the body.
  • A resistance unit that is calibrated with PowerTap making the machine extremely functional and efficient.
  • The machine is equipped with a sealed fluid chamber which is patented. A driveshaft is attached with the chamber which is magnetically coupled with it.
  • The trainer is stable thermodynamically with silicone resistance.
  • It makes sure heat is dissipated
The Good
The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Trainer is a tried and tested trainer which has been officially endorsed by the USA Cycling Team as the official bicycle trainer.
Not only has the Kurt Kinetic trainer been endorsed by professionals and experts but it has also been approved by everyone who loves riding as well as the cycling press, who are usually very adamant on criticizing anything in the field.
It is rated as one of the best trainers by top magazines and health books.
The machine offers an ultra-accurate simulation of riding outdoors giving a feel of riding on the road. That is the real beauty of the product.
The machine does not make any noise, is leak-proof and is closest to reality. The fluid trainer does the job of automatic adjustment of the resistance when the speed of the trainer is changed.
The Bad
The only problem people face while using the trainer is that it has a lot of technicalities and take some time before the user gets acquainted with its features and product details.
The setup process is slightly lengthy and can be hectic for newbies. But customer service will help you should you find it too difficult

The kurt kinetic road machine is for:

  1. Cyclists and fitness enthusiast who want a realistic road like feel
  2. Cyclists and people that want a quiet trainer
  3. People who are looking for a great way to workout indoors for whatever reason.

Here is what some people had to say about this trainer

“I purchased the Kurt Kenetic two months ago, and am thrilled with its performance and quality. If you are considering purchasing a trainer, fluid trainers are the way to go. Basically, there are four major types of trainers: Magnetic,Wind, Rim Driven, and Fluid. The later is the best, hands down! Fluid resistance trainers are more quiet, smoother and more realistic than any of the others mentioned. The only drawback to the fluid trainer is that over time they can leak resistance fluid. There are three companies that have solutions to this drawback. I highly recommend that you research all three and test them out where possible…”


“This product is going to be your companion for many winters, so don’t buy a loud, crappy one with crappy customer service! You’ll regret later that you didn’t spend the extra $75 or $80 on a quality product. I also tested the Blackburn Fluid, $100 bucks cheaper, not bad for price, but since it is new to the market I was unsure about durabillity or how well they stand behind thier trainers after warranty expiration. I have heard amazing testimonials of how Cyclops, Kurt, and One Up, have replaced parts and even whole trainers, no questions asked!”


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