Magene T100 Turbo Trainer Review

Magene T100 Turbo Trainer Review Summary


  • Very Quiet
  • A Very Realistic Ride
  • Can Be Paired With Apps To Keep Track Of Your Rides
  • Quiet For Most Users


  • This Isn't Your Normal, Run Of The Mill Trainer (You Will Need To Remove Wheels)
  • Some People Will View These As Expensive


A pretty decent bike trainer, that allows for a very realistic bike ride, though having to swap out wheels and get this set up will put some people off. 


This is one of the first direct-drive bike trainers that we have managed to get get our hands on and review, and we where pretty excited, given it's very positive reviews. 

The Magene T100 is a direct drive turbo trainer, meaning you actually attach a bike directly onto the 'wheels' rather than mounting your back wheel onto a flywheel or similar. 

Coming in at over £300, this was always going to be an expensive trainer to look into, and considering the fact it requires swapping out wheels and getting this thing set up properly, we wanted to see what this ride was like, and if it was worth the money. 

Supposedly you can get this set up in a few minutes, though we found that not to be fully the case, and you may need a number of adapters or different cassette (cogs for us simple folk) to have this running perfect. From the documentation you will need to ensure you have a Shimano/Sram 8-11 speed cassette. If you are unsure, you can also pick up a compatible version here

Product Details

  • Compatible with Shimano / Sram 8 -11 Casseetss
  • Compatible with 130/135mm quick release frames & 12*142mm/12*148mm thru axles (you can get adapters)

Product Features

  • Converts your standard bike into a fully functional direct drive, fully realistic ride
  • Around 60db of noise, a lot quieter than traditional turbo trainers 
  • Standard 4 feet pads allow for a stable ride
  • Works alongside compatible apps to ensure accurate cycling results

The Good

Considering this was the first direct-drive turbo trainer we had tried, we found it 'relatively' easy to set up, though the minutes we where told was not accurate, it took a little longer than that. 

The ride itself is smooth, which isn't a big surprise considering you are not really running on flywheels or trying to balance one wheel on another etc as you would with a magnetic or fluid trainer. 

We would also agree that this is quiet, much quieter than we have found with a lot of the mag rides, and even a lot of the fluids. 

The Bad

This is not a quick and simple put your current bike wheel into 2 holders, clamp them in and be on your way. This requires you to actually remove your wheel and place your frame directly onto this turbo. 

If you are someone who likes to do inside, and outdoor cycling, potentially at very little notice, it will annoy you, having to fiddle with everything (though, grand scheme of things, it's not that bad)

Who Is The Magene T100 Turbo Trainer For?

  • Cycling enthusiasts who want an ultra realistic ride, that doesn't have the same resistance or slippage issues faced with other turbo trainers
  • Those who have a little more to spend on their indoor trainers, and don't mind having to directly connect a bike into a trainer to be able to cycle.  

Magene T100 Turbo Trainer Review Conclusion

We admit this was our first direct-drive trainer that we have found and reviewed, so we where not 100% sure what to expect. The ride itself was steady, quiet and did feel pretty realistic, all things included. 

We found it difficult to set up and mount, though with practise and possibly with a little more for-thought it is probably easier. Though having to replace the wheel if we suddenly fancy a cycle outside means we can't simply 'un-attach' and go. 

Magene T100 Turbo Trainer






Easy To Set Up







  • Pretty Realistic Setup
  • Once Set Up, It's Easy To Use


  • Requires More Effort Than A Standard Turbo Trainer
  • Some Will See This As Expensive
  • Not That Easy To Switch Out To Being A Normal Bike Again

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