Minoura FG220 Hybrid Roller Review

Minoura FG220 Hybrid Roller Review Summary


  • Very Easy Setup
  • Light & Compact
  • A Different Feel Than Most Trainers
  • Fairly Quiet 


  • More Expensive Than Other Options
  • Two Resistance Levels


A completely different approach to standard indoor turbo trainers. Perfect for realistic rides, without the need for flywheels and gimmicks. 


A different type of turbo trainer than we have been used too on this site. We usually focus on the magnetic ride or flow rides with flywheels. Mainly due to the fact they are more compact, affordable and great for the everyday user. 

The majority of our readers and followers are looking for turbo trainers they can use either with an app, or a way to change resistance with ease. As apposed to straight up rollers, but we had to give this a review after seeing the ratings.

The Minoura FG220 Hybrid Roller is, as the name suggests, a bike roller. Designed to mount the front of your bike on a stand, and your back wheel onto a set of 2 or 3 rollers. 

While writing this Minoura FG220 Hybrid Roller review, we where a little worried we might not be able to set this up, in case it has lots of moving parts (rollers needing to be screwed in, or stands etc), but actually pleasantly surprised.

The Minoura is more focused on providing a realistic feel for cycling enthusiasts, something that does get lost when you are using flywheels and mathematically calculated resistance from apps etc.  

Product Details

  • Compatible with the majority of bikes - Wheel base 930mm - 1,200mm

Product Features

  • 2 Resistance Levels (On/Off essentially)
  • Roughly 60" x 32" in size
  • Double Rollers
  • 7 feet set up (This makes this really stable)

The Good

Let's be honest, this is super realistic feel, and it doesn't feel like your normal turbo trainer. It essentially feels like you are outside enjoying the fresh air, without the clunky sound or constant whir you get from the flywheels. 

It's pretty easy to set up, the only part that really takes time is mounting the front section to the frame, though it's fairly quick in the end. 

We found that it does fold up nice and compact, though unlike a back wheel trainer, you can lean it against a wall etc, due to the slightly weightier back rollers. You will instead want to pack it down flat in the case.

The Bad

If you are someone who enjoys a varying degree of resistance, or changes in power etc, this is not really going to be for you. 

Resistance and power, comes from you. Yes you can swap it up to be 'light' or 'normal' resistance, but that's as far as you will go. 

For us, we felt you could get more from something like a smart magnetic trainer, or similar, especially for the price.  

Who Is The Minoura Hybrid Roller Trainer For?

  • Possibly cyclists who are really training for road races or similar and need to just have a constant feel or resistance level
  • Those looking for a realistic feel to their training

Minoura Hybrid Roller Trainer Conclusion

If you are new to roller trainer (as we where) then this may be a cheaper way of being introduced to this style of indoor training. 

They do feel great, and they offer a nice, consistent, realistic style of cycling, but if you are someone who wants to play around with resistance levels or you want to get feedback on maps and apps, this may not be for you. 

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