Minoura LR760 LiveRide Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review

Minoura LR760 Live Ride Indoor Bicycle Trainer Review


  • High Quality, Well Known Brand
  • Can Be Used With LiveRide App
  • Smooth, Realistic Ride
  • 13 Resistant Levels


  • App Is Outdated
  • More Expensive Than Others Due To The Mag Ride


A high quality mag ride turbo trainer, very stable, quiet and great resistant levels. Though, quite expensive. 


The Minoura LR760 Live Ride Indoor Bicycle Trainer is part of the brand’s 'LiveRide' range and falls just below the older model that was previously released. This one comes with features that are somewhat similar to those found in other models in the LiveRide series of trainers but has a more affordable price tag than some of its siblings. 

For those who are serious about taking their training to the next level and keeping their performance in check, the LR760comes with flexible settings that the cyclist can use to modify their experience with the piece of equipment. 

One feature is the fact that this product is compatible with a mobile application, known as LiveTraining. The app is not free, however, and is compatible with selected Apple iPhone devices that run the iOS operating system. The app provides the cyclist with instant feedback on their performance, as well as additional metrics if the appropriate attachments have been added to the trainer. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 28" / 700c wheels

Product Features

  • 13 resistance levels that can be manually adjusted
  • Uses special Neodymium Ferrite magnets for improved performance
  • Wattage training system
  • A quiet system that will not disrupt others in the room
  • Compatible with LiveTraining smartphone app

The Good

The LR760 LiveRide Indoor Trainer offers some advanced features that experienced cyclists might be looking for, without the same price tag as a couple of the sibling trainers in the Minoura LiveRide series. 

The trainer allows the cyclist to set the level of resistance that they would like to train at. There is a total of 13 different resistant levels that can be adjusted. 

When connected to the LiveTraining application, the cyclist can take part in a course simulation program, as well as track their heart rate, speed, and other factors that are essential for ensuring their performance is actually improving. 

The Minoura LR760 also uses a special type of magnet system, instead of the more traditional options, in order to offer a smoother performance when cycling. 

The Bad

The relatively high price of the Minoura LR760 is definitely one of the drawbacks that cyclists should consider. For the advanced cyclists, the price may not be as big of an issue compared to a beginner who does not want to spend too much money on this type of product. 

Another drawback that definitely needs to be taken into account is the limited compatibility of the mobile app. Only iOS devices are compatible with the mobile application, and a fee of $9.99 needs to be paid or the user to download the app. Furthermore, the Minoura LR760 r system features a 30-pin connector. This means individuals who have an iPhone 5  or newer (so everyone) device from Apple will need to purchase an additional lightening to 30-pin converter if they would like to use their smartphone with the trainer. 

For a complete series of vital data and trackers when using the LiveTraining app, additional accessories would also be needed, further increasing the expenses of the cyclist. This includes a speed sensor, a cadence sensor, a heart rate strap, and a Wahoo Key, or another compatible ANT+ dongle. 

Who Is The LR760 Trainer For?

  • Cyclists in need of a sturdy and durable trainer
  • People who are able to spend more money on a higher quality product
  • Those who need flexibility in terms of resistance
  • Cyclists who prefer Ferrite magnet systems instead of traditional magnets

LR760 Trainer Conclusion

The Minoura LR760  is a good option for people who are able to pay a higher fee for a product that comes with sturdy construction. The trainer features a similar level of durability compared to more expensive options that are part of the Minoura LiveRide range but does lack some features that advanced cyclists might be looking for. The compatibility with the LiveTraining mobile application makes the product great for those who want to keep track of how they perform but does have limitations in terms of what mobile devices can be used with the trainer. 

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