NordicTrack S22i Review

NordicTrack S22i Review Summary


  • A fully interactive personal training bike, with global workouts and live studio
  • Very stable
  • Complete incline experience and 24 resistance levels
  • No need to go to the gym for your spin classes!


  • Does require a monthly membership
  • This is an expensive purchase, and it may not be for everyone
  • We had connectivity issues (which may have been us, not them)
  • Have seen reports of issues with repairs and the time frames quoted to have fixes sorted. 


A complete workout in a bike, for those who love cycling, spin and additional exercises. This is more expensive than your standard turbo trainer.


The NordicTrack S22i is a complete workout bike, and is more than just a stationary bike or exercise bike. With access to trainers, workouts and the ability to cycle alongside live streams, this bike really does offer the next level of at home cycling. 

If you have heard of brands like Peloton, then this is a very similar style of exerci

With the ability to play around with inclines and declines, while running the different tracks, this is a more immersive experience than simply upping the resistance to try and simulate hills or changes in the environment. The S22i adjusts to suit the gradient being presented. 

This bike does require a membership to gain access to the studio classes, coaches and exercises, which can be seen as an additional costs, especially after the high purchase price. Luckily, you can still use it without the membership, though it's a basic offering and we didn't get to that point in our 30 day trial.

Product Details

  • A complete cycling experience 
  • You will need some space around you (roughly the same space as a treadmill - 160cm length ways, and 100 odd width wise should be enough)
  • It can hold up to 150kg in weight (we are roughly 110 and didn't feel like it was unstable or going to collapse!) 

Product Features

  • 24 Resistance Levels 
  • Incline and decline motor to allow for changes in cycling 
  • HD Graphics on a decent sized 22' Touch Screen
  • Live trainers and interactive sessions (Yes, they can turn the heat up!)

The Good

You are never going to be bored on this machine, you will always be able to find rides, lessons, trainers and workouts (as long as you have the membership). 

With so many different rides and workouts, there should be something for everyone, seriously over 30 days we didn't find any rides we felt where crap or lacking in variety. 

Everything felt fairly stable, even on harder workouts whereby we where getting up and down or moving trying to keep the power going. 

The Bad

It's expensive, and you need an ongoing membership to get the most out of it, there is no denying that fact.

Even though we found it stable, we did find it can rock a little, usually down to the heavy front that the NordicTrack has. Seriously, the screen is huge.

Some of the classes have remote access to your bike. If they want you to start going up hill or peddling harder, they can control that. Some people may not enjoy that as much. 

Who Is The NordicTrack S22i For?

  • Fitness enthusiasts who really want to add variety to their workouts or need to mix it up
  • Cyclists who want different courses or trainer run classes without having to go to SoulCycle or Spin classes everyday (but still want some realism)

NordicTrack S22i Review Conclusion

We get it, this is not going to be for everyone, it's an expensive bike with an ongoing cost. But if you are someone who pays for spin classes already, or you pay through the nose for gym classes, this could actually save you money, while being in the comfort of your own home. 

The bike is pretty stable, and we always found a course or class that we enjoyed. Though suddenly being told you are about to do a heavy cycle by a fitness nutter on the other end of a screen is sometimes a bit off putting!

NordicTrack S22i


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