PedalPro Magnetic Trainer Review

PedalPro Magnetic Trainer Review Summary;


  • Brilliant Price
  • Feels Like A Top End Product
  • Easy & Quick To Set Up


  • It Can Feel Cheap
  • You May end Up Wanting To Upgrade If You Really Decide To Do This Often
  • It Can Be Noisy!


Considering the price, and the number of high ratings, this is a great turbo trainer to get, especially those just starting out with indoor cycling or training. 


The PedalPro Magnetic Trainer has now risen to be one of the top sellers on Amazon, we would love to hear your feedback and comments down below and we are looking at giving this Pedal Pro review an update with all the new comments.

If you are a newcomer to the world of indoor cycling, or you are looking to stretch your legs a little while the weather is awful outside, then the PedalPro may be the indoor bike trainer for you.

Being one of the highest rated indoor cycle trainers on Amazon, this well rounded, solid trainer is perfect for those who want to try out trainers without spending a fortune.

Using a standard magnetic resistance style trainer, PedalPro will keep you occupied in the downtime, without feeling like you are moving too much from side to side.

Strangely when we went to review this, it looked and felt like one we had managed to snatch in a budget supermarket a while back, but, slightly better made. 

Product Details

  • The trainer has dimensions: 54cm X 46cm X 41CM
  • It weighs 7.5 kg
  • Suitable For 26 – 28″ wheel sizes

Product Features

  • The PedalPro comes with 7 speed handlebar control for increase resistance
  • The large flywheel ensures that the user gets a road-like feel because of the double inertia produced by it.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction designed for loads up to 120kg
  • Easy to assemble, straight out of the box
  • The trainer comes with a self-cooling mechanism which ensures that the unit keeps performing longer and better.

The Good

As mentioned before, the PedalPro has actually risen recently to become one of the top rated, and 'best' turbo trainers on the market, especially with Amazon. 

With prices being around £100 to get it, this can sometimes feel like a £200+ turbo trainer, without the price tag. 

It was easy to set up, taking around 5 minutes to drop a bike into the frame (it uses quick release skewers, as many do these days) and of course set it up so we could use it. 

We agreed that this could be used by both people who are new to cycling indoors, or possibly more hardcore cyclists who want to keep training in those log winter months.

As with a lot of trainers these days, you will also get a 7-speed magnetic resistor, allowing you to up the difficulty if you so wish.

The Bad

As with a lot of the 'cheaper' trainers, yes, even this one, we did find it to be noisy at times, not quite as quiet at say the £300+ Kinetic, but it's 1/3 of the price. So if you are running this for 30 - 60 minutes, you shouldn't notice a huge difference. 

Others have also noted issues after long rides, becoming unstable.

Who Is The Pedal Pro Trainer For?

  • Those on a budget, but still want to have a realistic road feel
  • If you are new to indoor cycling, and want a good, but cheap trainer

What Have Others Said About The PedalPro?

As always, we like to grab a few reviews to see what others have said, to give you an idea of peoples overall feeling. 

Good bit of solid well made kit. Not used it much yet as the weather has been ok for cycling outdoors. When the bike is fitted in the frame it is really solid. .”


Wow! What a great product. Mine arrived on time, no real assembly – just had to replace the spindle on my wheel which was easy to do, and off you go. Ok, you don’t get the digital read-outs with static bikes, but I just use my heart rate monitor to keep an eye on the effort I’m doing.


PedalPro Magnetic Trainer Review Conclusion

If you are someone who is currently thinking about getting into indoor cycling, or need a way of training, perhaps because of lockdown, or the winter months, but don't want to spend £300+ on a trainer, this PedalPro might be the one for you. 

Stable, not too noisy (at least for short rides) and doesn't break the bank, definitely say this trainer is one too look into.

PedalPro Magnetic

Around £100

Ease To Set Up











  • Brilliant Price
  • Feels Like A Top End Product
  • Easy And Quick To Set Up


  • It Can Feel Cheap
  • After A While You Will Want To Upgrade Or Find A New One
  • It Can Be Noisy

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  1. Not convinced yet that this trainer is good, so I am going to take a few more reviews.

    thanks for your words though

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