RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Review

RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Review Summary


  • As with most trainers, quick to set up, though you need a quick release
  • pretty stable
  • comes with antislip and it's wheel block
  • 7 resistance levels, so should be enough for most riders


  • quite noisy
  • Does require a quick release axle


A pretty decent turbo trainer, aimed at the everyday user or rider, with good reviews, stable design, without costing a fortune. 


The RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer is a pro-level option that focuses on quality, overall features, and stability, without matching the higher price tags of many alternative models that are out there today. The product comes with a variety of resistance levels, which can be adjusted with ease. This provides a more customized approach to training indoors. 

The trainer comes with full instructions on how it needs to be assembled, which makes it easier for those who have not used this type of product before to get it set up and ready for use. The manufacturer also notes that assembly has been made easier to reduce the frustration that sometimes comes with setting up these pieces of equipment.

The RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer is also a good option when portability is important, as the product simply folds up after a training session. This makes it much easier to store the trainer in smaller spaces, such as in the case where the cyclist lives in an apartment or need to take the product with them when they travel. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 27" / 700c wheels

Product Features

  • 7 resistance levels that can be adjusted as needed
  • Easy assembly with a full set of instructions provided
  • Quick fold-up and portable design makes this a travel-friendly trainer
  • Reduced noise production compared to some competitor models

The Good

The seven levels of resistance that can be set with the RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer is one of the best features to be noted. The variety of resistance levels is far greater compared to models with fewer options for the cyclist to choose from. This essentially means that the product is good for intermediate cyclists, but also makes an ideal option for those who are only starting out. 

The RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer has a price tag that is certainly attractive for many cyclists. At less than $120, the product brings a lot of features to the table, including quality construction, an anti-slip pad, and portable design. 

Assembly should not be a problem for the majority of cyclists who decide to invest in this trainer. The product does come with an instruction manual and all required parts and equipment. By following the instructions that are included, the customer should have everything up and the trainer ready for use within just a couple of minutes. 

The anti-slip pad that comes with the trainer helps to improve the overall stability of the bike while the product itself is in use. The pad is placed underneath the front wheel. 

The RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer is also compatible with both road bikes and mountain bikes. 

The Bad

The features offered by the RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer is ideal for many cyclists, but some might find the compatibility somewhat limiting. This particular trainer can only be paired with bikes that have a wheel size of 26 inches, 27 inches, or a 700cc wheel size. In terms of compatibility, cyclists should also take note of the fact that their bike needs to feature a quick release rear axle or the product will not effectively pair up with the bike. 

Even though the trainer was designed to feature less noise that some of the competitor models that cyclists are able to choose from, there is still a number of people who do complain. Thus, when living in a small apartment or in a building where people could be disturbed with too much noise, the RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer might not be the most ideal option. 

Who Is The RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer For?

  • Cyclists with a mountain or road bike that features a compatible wheel size of 26-inch, 27-inch, or 700cc.
  • Those who do not want to spend hours assembling a trainer
  • Cyclists who want a product that places emphasis on portability

RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Conclusion

The RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer is an all-around good product that does come with a moderate price tag, but considering the features offered and the quality of the construction, many cyclists may find it worth the money. The product is not compatible with as many bikes as some of the alternative models that cyclists are able to choose from, however, which is something that should be taken into consideration. When travelling with a trainer is something a cyclist often does, then the RAD MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer might make a perfect companion. 

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