UNISKY Fluid Bike Trainer Review

UNISKY Fluid Bike Trainer Review Summary


  • Easy to set up, in regards of getting it out of the box
  • it really is a stable trainer, the U shape works really well
  • sub £200 for a fluid that isn't crap, is pretty good going.
  • Quiet For Most Users


  • the double locks are annoying, considering the rise of quick releases 
  • some user complained of noise or stability issues (so worth noting)
  • some users noted issues with communication from the company (worth keeping in mind) though we had none


A pleasantly surprising fluid turbo, that didn't sound like a jumbo jet taking off and didn't wobble all over the place. At this price, it's definitely one to look at picking up. 


We have been on a mission to find ourselves fluid trainers that are decent, without costing the earth, for example the CycleOps. We where told to look at the Unisky Fluid as it was getting some great reviews, and may tick a few boxes.

It is running on a fluid trainer, rather than magnets, which usually means smoother rides, more realistic cycles and overall a more pleasant experience, but at sub £200, is this going to provide that?

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 29" / 700c wheels
  • Suitable up to 120kg weight 

Product Features

  • Fluid Resistance Roller 
  • 3 Way pads to keep the trainer from moving, most run on 4 or 5, so it did feel a little different
  • Double lock mechanism to keep your bike in place (not a huge fan, prefer the quick release)

The Good

We do have to admit, this is a smooth runner, especially for the price point. After it's all set up and you have faffed around with the locks etc, this turbo trainer really does sit nicely. 

It's not the quietest, like it's not super quiet, but it is fairly quiet, there isn't a ton of noise from the mechanism, like a very shy noise, and we ran this on standard tyres, which surprisingly didn't give off a lot of noise either. 

The weight limit was nice, when you have a heavy guy and a bike, you want to feel like you can actually be safe, with 120kg to play with, we actually did feel pretty decent, and not a lot of movement, probably down to the fact you are running on 1 huge U-shape bar that holds you in place. 

The price of this thing is something else that can be considered a damn good plus point, it's sub £200 at time of writing, and it's actually a fluid, not a fluid that might be a magnet, so quite surprising. 

The Bad

The main issue for us, was the locking mechanism, we are so used to running with quick release etc, the fact you have to play around with double screws and locks was annoying, I can usually get a bike off and ready to run in about 30 seconds with a quick release on a normal tyre. This takes a few minutes of unscrewing etc. Not a huge deal breaker to be honest. 

As always we like to look at what others have said, and we did see some negative comments about noise, though ours ran quite well even at higher speeds, it's always worth keeping an eye on what others have said. 

We did have some concerns with the company, mainly the lack of communication, which again can really damage a product, so we have kept that in mind as well. 

Who Is The UNISKY Fluid Bike Trainer For?

  • Cyclist who want to use a fluid resistance bike that offers that more realistic cycling feeling
  • Cyclists who want to play around with multiple training styles and resistances

UNISKY Fluid Bike Trainer Review Conclusion

For a sub £200 product, we would say the Unisky Fluid Trainer is a pretty decent turbo trainer. Overall the trainer is fairly quiet, and ran well. 

The resistance worked well and of course increased the quicker you where cycling, which is no real surprise, and it did feel close to a road or outdoor surface, not 100% but hey, when do they ever?

Some concerns around the support from the company, though we didn't have any real problems. But in all, a well rounded fluid turbo trainer that ticked a lot of boxes for us. 

UNISKY Fluid Bike Trainer


Easy To Set Up











  • Easy To Set Up (Box At Least)
  • Really Stable
  • Really Good Price For The Features
  • Fairly Quiet


  • Double Locks Is Just Annoying
  • Some Have Complained About The Noise
  • Some Users Noted Issues With The Company

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