UNISKY Magnetic Bike Trainer Review

UNISKY Magnetic Bike Trainer Review Summary


  • Super Easy To Set Up
  • It's pretty stable, and doesn't move once we set it up
  •  the flywheel is smooth, we can't really complain


  • Suited For Quick Release Skewers (And may require using the supplied extras to fit properly)
  • Resistance has been noted to be 'light'
  • zero way to change resistance levels without getting on/off the bike


It's not bad, but it's definitely not the best magnetic ride bike trainer that we have looked into and reviewed. 


This is not the first time we have reviewed a UNISKY, recently looking into the slightly more expensive fluid trainer (and our top rated trainer on here). 

This particular trainer caught our eye after a subscriber dropped us a message saying that they had seen it rise in popularity over the last few months, and wondering if it could compete with the PedalPro (a hugely popular turbo trainer). 

From the outset, the UNISKY Turbo Trainer is a pretty standard looking trainer, with a vibrant red (or slightly more boring black) colour job. It comes with a spare quick release skewer and front wheel mount. 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 28" / 700c wheels
  • DOESN'T work with fixed, hub axles or eBikes. 

Product Features

  • Single adjustment knob for resistance
  • Two semi quick release locks (both sides can be pulled back to release the axle) - Not as good as the Fluid Bike
  • Anti-slip feet 

The Good

The actual ride is smooth, we can't fault it, the fly wheel and roller works really well. Though it does require the use of your own gears to really increase the resistance. 

Once it's folded up, it's slightly smaller or more compact than other trainers we have reviewed and tested. 

The Bad

It's lacking any real 'features', for example you don't have additional resistance or 'gears' that can be used to increase or decrease the difficulty. A lot of other trainers around this price range include gears, meaning you don't have to get on and off to manually increase the training. 

Who Is The UNIKSY Magnetic Trainer For?

  • Everyday cyclists looking for a cheap, but sturdy turbo trainer that can be used daily without a lot of hassle setting it up.

UNISKY Magnetic Bike Trainer Conclusion

We wouldn't say that this is the best from UNISKY, considering everything you get with the fluid version of this bike. 

As a run of the mill, sub £100 turbo trainer, it's ok, which is a shame, as we would want just a little more, mainly an additional handle mounted gear changer to allow for a better ride and more immersive experience. 

UNIKSY Magnetic Turbo Trainer

£50 - £60

Eeasy to set up











  • Easy To Get Started With
  • Flywheel And Resistance Are OK (nothing more)


  • No Additional Gears/Resistance Changer
  • No Real Quick Release (You Have To Pull Both Sides)

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