Velo Pro Fluid Turbo Trainer Review

Velo Pro Fluid Turbo Trainer Summary


  • If You Are Chunky Like Us, This Is Epic (200kg capacity)
  • Really Stable - Doesn't Move With 100k+ On Top
  • Pretty Cheap Considering It's a Fluid
  • Really Quiet


  • There Are Some Damn Near Identical Ones For Cheaper..
  • Double Locks Are Annoying - Same As The Unisky


A really good, cost effective fluid turbo trainer that really is worth grabbing if you are after a quiet turbo to have inside. 


Some of you may have already seen the Velo Pro Tubro Trainer review that we wrote a little while ago, which actually ended up being our best magnetic ride trainer we have reviewed so far. 

When we saw that Velo had created a fluid version, we knew we had to give it a try, and see if it could knock our top fluid trainer off it's spot. 

Running on a slightly slicker V shape frame, with a double screw locking system to keep your bike in place. Using a supposedly heavier magnetic flywheel, housed within the lubrication fluid, this provides a smoother, quieter ride (this is noticeable). 

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 29" / 700c wheels (slightly more than others)
  • Up to 200kg weight capacity (nearly twice what most allow)
  • 570mm x 510 x 270 when unfolded and being used

Product Features

  • Magnetic/ Fluid Roller (using a magnetic flywheel inside of lubrication)
  • V-Shape wide angle set up to allow for better stability
  • This has a double lock system, rather than a quick release, this will keep your bike in place more, but it does require more effort to take off. 

The Good

There is no denying the fact, this is a quiet turbo, you can easily watch TV or be in the same room as someone as they will rarely care or notice you spinning away in the back. 

With the V shape design, it feels sturdy, even when 140kg+ of person is sitting on this and rocking backwards and forwards due to their over excitable ride. 

It feels smooth to ride on, even for longer periods of time, and it feels pleasant to ride

The Bad

Currently, we can't find much wrong with this, though you could debate if this is a full fluid turbo, or some kind of hybrid. 

Who Is The Velo Fluid Turbo Trainer For?

  • Anyone looking for a quiet, smooth indoor turbo trainer to enjoy potentially in a smaller apartment or accommodation without access to additional rooms. 
  • A cost effective, and well priced fluid trainer. 

Velo Fluid Turbo Trainer Conclusion

Just like the mag ride version, Velo have created a decent trainer, for under £200, that is stable, easy to set up and pretty smooth. 

Without any notable movement or noise, you can set this up in a living room, or study without being much of a distraction to anyone else in the house. 

Velo Pro Fluid Turbo Trainer


Easy To Set Up











  • Very Quiet
  • Pretty Stable With The V Design
  • Good Price For A Fluid


  • Some Will Hate The Double Locks

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