Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review

Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review Summary


  • Easy To Set Up
  • Stable
  • Doesn't Break The Bank
  • Quiet For Most Users


  • Not Very Exciting - It Just Gets The Job Done
  • Not As Realistic As The More Expensive Trainers


A well rounded turbo trainer, for those who don't want to break the bank. 

The Velo Pro is the top-rated Turbo Trainer on Amazon these days, with over 200 reviews handing it praise, page after page telling everyone how good it was, but we wanted to dig a little deeper and see what their users enjoyed, but didn't enjoy and let you know!

The Velo Turbo Bike Trainer is your standard magnetic trainer, with dual quick releases and handlebar mounted variable resistance gears designed to allow you to change up your training and workouts with ease.

It's actually the cheaper cousin of the Velo Pro Fluid Turbo Trainer, which is a high ticket, very realistic turbo trainer for those who are deadly serious about all weather training.

Product Details

  • Compatible with bikes 26" - 28" / 700c wheels

Product Features

  • 6 Speed Gear Handle Bar Attachment
  • Magnetic Roller
  • 5 Level Feed Pads allow for different riding heights and styles
  • Quick release clamp and locks, allows you to quickly get the bike back on the road if the British summertime starts to dry up - Be sure to check these, as some quick release on bikes can be different than the trainers)

The Good

This Velo Pro quickly became a very firm favourite with well over 300+ reviews, praising the ease of set up, or the fact it was well manufactured.

Additional extras such as hand bar resistance switches and the fact it runs on quiet, slick magnet rollers again makes this a decent turbo trainer.

Costing less than some of the more expensive models, many of which didn't add the switches, or the fact they where noisy is one of the reasons this got such a high rating.

Plus the ride on this smooth, letting you feel nearly, though not quite like you where enjoying the fresh outdoors.

The Bad

After reading through all the reviews, and giving it a spin, we couldn't find any 'bad' sides for this turbo trainer, though a few users did note the noise, this can be dependant on tread, tyres and even the type of bike being used!

One thing that is worth noting is that this turbo trainer works best with bikes with quick release wheels. There are attachments, but they can be fiddly and annoying to sort out.

Who Is The Velo Turbo Trainer For?

Considering the price of this, then most everyday cyclists looking to train indoors during the winter months could realistically pick this trainer up. 

I would even say more experienced cyclists would benefit from this turbo trainer, considering it's smooth, quite realistic and of course has a 6 speed resistance, that can be changed on the fly. 

Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Conclusion

A really decent turbo trainer, especially for the price it was on offer for. For roughly £80 you could get a stable, well built indoor bike trainer, that could fit a variety of bikes and styles. 

Most for the same price would rarely have such build quality, or the ability to run multiple different bikes, plus the added benefit of an easy to use resistance switch. 

Well worth finding and getting this turbo, if possible. 

Velo Turbo Trainer

£70 - £100

Ease to set up











  • 6 Speed Resistance Mount
  • Stable
  • Not That Expensive
  • Compatible With A Large Variety Of Styles


  • Can sometimes make a low noise
  • Requires a quick release skewer to really work

5 thoughts on “Velo Pro Turbo Trainer Review”

  1. I recetly got this bike trainer, works perfectly, I am on the look out for more, so I will be giving this blog another pas soon through

  2. William Jabberia

    I have toyed with buying the velo for a few days now, I think you may have helped push me towards a purchase. Awesome

  3. I bought this trainer but didn’t realise my bike doesn’t have a quick release rear wheel. Can anyone help me with what attachments I need to make it work properly? Thanks in advance!

    1. The Bike Enthusiast

      Hey Helen,

      From experience, a quick-release skewer can be fitted to a bike faily easily. You will need to swap out the current skewer with a quick release.

      We have run the Velo without a quick release as well (though it depends on what ends you have for your skewer), worth double-checking.

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