Yaheetech Turbo Trainer Review

Yaheetech Turbo Trainer Review Summary;


  • Easy To Set Up
  • Fairly Stable
  • Great For Those Over 100kg In Weight - Quite Sturdy!


  • It Has No Handle Controls - You Have To Stop To Change The Resistance
  • Not That Realistic, Compared To Others


A great 'all-rounder', but considering the lack of resistance controls, it's probably not the one to go for for the money (PedalPro Beats This)


The original one we reviewed is the 'basic' version, which is missing a vital part. This one somehow scores higher than the 'variable' version, even though for us it's missing an option that we feel it needs. But more on that in a bit.

The Yaheetech Turbo Trainer is one of Amazons top-selling indoor bike trainers that they sell, but we wanted to check and see why it was so popular, was it any good and if it was something that you should think of buying for the winter months when it’s cold, damp and horrible outside. 

The Yaheetech Turbo Bike Trainer is a standard magnetic trainer, with quick release lock and plastic base stand, designed for those looking for something a little sturdier, without paying higher prices for more ‘professional’ bits of kit.

One of the oddities with this turbo trainer is the fact, you only get a frame and your mag resistance, nothing else. Personally, this is frustrating, especially as other trainers in this price range come with them. 

Product Details

  • Dimensions – 62 x 55 x 20cm (pretty standard size these days)
  • Compatible with bikes 66cm / 26″ wheels
  • Taking a max load of 120KG - 150KG (supposedly) 

Product Features

  • 5 Level Feed Pads allow for different riding heights and styles
  • Quick release clamp and locks, allows you to quickly get the bike back on the road if the British summertime starts to dry up – Be sure to check these, as some quick release on bikes can be different than the trainers)
  • Screw Resistant Trainer - Requires manual screwing to increase the resistance

The Good

The Yaheetech is a highly reviewed product, with 100's of users enjoying this fairly study, but possibly quite basic trainer.

The main 'good' side to this trainer seems to be the weight limit (with some saying it can hold 150kg, which is a heavy amount). But also stating it's less noisy than others, possibly due to the resistance or the fact it has 150kg on it and it cant move. Who knows.

We constantly see this come up as a recommend product to buy, simply because of the reviews, and possibly the price. It is one of the cheapest on the market.

The Bad

The biggest issue we can see is the fact you have no way of changing resistance while cycling, you physically have to stop to up or lower the resistance, which considering a PedalPro is around £20 and comes with it, seems a bit off. 

Compared with the 'variable speed Yaheetech', which is £100+ more expensive. Madness. The variable version is now only £30 (roughly) more expensive, we would recommend picking that up. 

Contrary to those who claim this trainer is silent as a church mouse, some have complained that this is one of the nosier ones they have ridden.

Lastly, this requires quick release, you can't run this on a standard wheel, you need to have that quick release skewer. This may not be the best for older bikes, or people who simply don't have a quick release wheel.

Who Is The Yaheetech Turbo Trainer For?

  • Heavier or bulkier cyclists who may want to train indoors before becoming comfortable outside. 
  • An everday cyclist who may want something quick and easy to set up, that doesn't want to keep changing the resistance. 

Yaheetech Turbo Trainer Conclusion

A fairly good 'all-rounder', though the lack of controls and the fact they force you to use quick release skewers really does make this an odd product. 

It has hundreds of happy reviews, which means it will constantly come up as a recommended product, but to be honest, you can find others for maybe a few £ more that may offer that little bit extra.

Though, if you are someone who may be on the heavier side and want to try indoor cycling, this could be a great first purchase for those winter months. 

Yaheetech Turbo Trainer

Under £50

Ease to set up











  • Easy To Set Up
  • Stable
  • Doesn't Break The Bank
  • Quiet For Most Users


  • Not Very Exciting
  • Requires Getting Off The Bike To Change Resistance
  • Not As Realistic As Others

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